Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Beliefs: who am I?

In the recent months we have had some very powerful new moons.  There will be more powerful new moons in the months to come, especially with the placement of some of the other planets.  We will not go into astrology here, as you can find that in some of the other articles.  However, the thing to be aware of is that a new moon is the perfect time to start something new.  About 3 days prior to the start of the new moon, is a good time to look back and see where you have been, where you have faltered and altered, and then review your goals for the future to determine what new thing, mind-set, or change needs to be focussed on next.

In reflection it's interesting to observe what you didn't see while in the experience.  Perception is the immediate judgement that we act upon, however, given a little bit more time to look at the situation with a fresh perspective, and we may well have a different judgement or desire.  While reflecting over a longer period of time we can actually see certain patterns repeat themselves.  The theme of the situation is the same even though some of the people and places may have been different.  In hindsight we can see we are creating the same loop as we did before.

This is such a powerful moment; where we can have a choice to get out of the loop and create a different outcome.  Only when we reflect back and are able to recognize the pattern do we feel like we actually have a choice.  If we allow our judgements, pains, and longings to get out of the way, we can take responsibility for having created the situation and then use wisdom to create something new.  Dr. Bruce Lipton has done scientific research and has proven this point but from a slightly different angle.  In his book The Biology of Belief, he explains how our sub-conscious mind is the one that reacts to the situation; the reaction is to the outside environment of the cell - which triggers our brain to react.  Our conscious mind is the one that desires and dreams of a different future. How is that we almost never create the future that we want?  This is where the power of the sub-conscious overrides, and that power is the messages you downloaded as a child in the first 7 years of your life.  This is the memory storehouse of the sub-conscious mind and it will react to current situations to protect you like it has done in the past. Hence the same themes take place in our lives.  If you can reflect and see some of the patterns in your life, with some focus and assistance, you may be able to create a different future.

To a different future!